If a player in the Peewee or Midget classification pitches nine outs or less he may pitch again the second day later.  If he pitches one pitch more than nine outs he cannot pitch again until the third day later.  EXAMPLE:  If a Peewee or Midget pitcher pitches to 9 outs or less on Monday, he may pitch again on Wednesday.  If he pitches more than 9 outs, he cannot pitch again until Thursday.  Violation of this rule forfeits the game from the violating team.  NOTE: This pitching rule will be relaxed for tournament play allowing the pitcher to pitch one day sooner than the rules allow for regular season play.  This can be done only one time for each pitcher in a tournament.  This relaxing applies only to tournament games.  It cannot be used going into or out of tournament play.


The pitching rule in the Prep division is as follows.  A pitcher can pitch in 10 innings per day.  If a Prep pitcher appears in more than 5 innings in a day he cannot pitch the next day.  If a Prep team is playing in more than one game in a day he may pitch up to 5 innings in the first game and still pitch in another game.  If he goes over 5 innings in his first game, he cannot pitch again that day.